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Insights from our Users – This Year’s User Forum

Over the course of two informative days, a dedicated group of professionals gathered at Hotel Bristol for INOSA User Forum 2023. This ...

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Reading difficulties less challenging with INOSA

Over one million Norwegians struggle with general reading difficulties after finishing school. With the management tool INOSA, they get ...

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Reduced risk with guidance from INOSA

The Tizir smelter has reduced personal risk with the help of consultants from INOSA. – INOSA stands for quality, service and ...

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Speira in full control of processes with Inosa

– All our processes are organized in INOSA. Our experience is that other systems only have 60 -70 % of the its functionality, says ...

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An easier and safer workflow

Collagen manufacturer Seagarden got rid of many of the challenges around management processes, competence control and deviations after ...

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The best use of one-point lessons

One-point lessons are visual work instructions that are easy to use. With INOSA, you are guaranteed full control, and ensured that ...

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INOSA – your guide to Lean

The principles of Lean ensure better flow, more efficient processes, and increased value in companies all over the world. The online ...

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New employees!

INOSA is growing and we find it really exciting! We have recently got 3 new employees that is a part of our team to take INOSA to the ...

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