Reduced risk with guidance from INOSA

The Tizir smelter has reduced personal risk with the help of consultants from INOSA.

– INOSA stands for quality, service and competence, and has demonstrated great flexibility when needed, says CEO of Tizir, Rune Dolmen.

Quality and safety requirements are becoming more stringent, and it can be a challenge for a company to keep track of which requirements are applicable at any given time. For this reason, INOSA is experiencing an increasing demand for advisory services regarding management systems, risk assessments, HSE challenges, causal investigations, and audits.

The Eramet company Tizir Titanium & Iron AS (TTI) in Tyssedal, like other smelters, has a naturally inherent risk-aspect. There are strict requirements for risk control, and CEO Rune Dolmen has benefitted from INOSA’s methodical and thorough mapping of the company’s risk factors.

Analyzing each process

– INOSA is a recognized player in Eramet, delivering process-, person- and environmental risk analyzes of high quality. It is my personal experience as a former shipyard director in Sauda, and now as CEO of Tyssedal, that INOSA’s expertise combined with the methodological and inclusive working method forms the basis for all risk analyzes. They identify the gap between the current situation and the desired future improved situation, and summarize it in a specific action plans for each process. All in line with Norwegian Standards for Risk Assessments in NS 5814, Dolmen explains.

Zero-vision for personal injuries

Eramet Group has defined a zero vision of injuries by 2023.

– This vision requires that we let go of the attitude that “this is how we do it, because this is how we have always done it”, and embrace the idea that mindset, knowledge and technology reduces and controls the risks inherent in our processes. The core principle for achieving zero damage is to be aware of existing risk and close the gap between where we are and where we want to be, says Dolmen.

The Tizir director states that they can no longer accept that the people in the organization are seen as the strongest barrier to something going wrong.

– With the help of risk analyzes, we work out a technical and organizational barrier system that ensures that our people can make a mistake without anyone or anything being harmed. We need to eliminate people from “the line of fire” activities, and rather map out how we can reduce the likelihood of injuries digitally or technologically, such as robotic solutions.

Necessary competence

INOSA as a system can provide good help, but analyzes and certification are not about the software as such, but about how the companies utilize it, and how they build their own routines. What does INOSA do to ensure compliance with the requirements?

– We offer advice in the construction and operation of management systems. Risk assessments, analyzes and audits require a certain amount of competence and capacity, which is why many of our clients appreciate the regular contact with our experts, says Bente Baugstø, general manager of INOSA.

The risk lies within the organization

INOSA assists companies with conducting root cause analyzes, based on the so-called MTO method (Human-Technology-Organization), where one of the design criteria for the method is that the Human is never a root cause of an event!

– For Tizir, it is important to find the structural organizational reasons for an unwanted incident, and thereby ensure that responsibility for prevention always ends up in the right place, says Dolmen.

All the leaders in TTI with responsibility for operational personnel have recently been trained by INOSA in carrying out root cause analyzes according to the MTO method. The purpose is to increase knowledge of the various reasons why an incident occurs. The training also ensures a standardized methodological approach to ensuring that incidents can never occur again.

– Such new knowledge means that we are now able to carry out investigations of less serious incidents according to the same principles. Over time, this will mean that leaders with responsibility for health and safety get a stronger sense of responsibility for the safety of their people, through being even more aware that there are always organizational root causes when unwanted incidents occur, says Dolmen.

Tangible measures

INOSA’s work has given TTI something concrete and tangible to work from in the future.

– In the instances where INOSA has assisted Eramet with their investigation expertise, it has always resulted in very useful reports, both in Norwegian and English, which are easy for us to utilize in our further work. INOSA is also incredibly service-minded, and has always demonstrated great flexibility when needed, which in turn has strengthened our relationship with INOSA.

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