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INOSA software is a web-based tool to produce and control visual documents like standard operating procedures (SOP), work instructions and one-point-lessons (OPL). Documents built up by images, symbols, flow models and video are more easy to read than text.

The employees have easy access and overview to their documents through roles and role requirements. The company will get an updated overview over the competence for the organization. In INOSA it is also possible to register and process deviations and actions.

3 good reasons to choose INOSA


INOSA’s quality and management system are easy to manage and use. The flexible role set-up ensures operational competence no matter how the company looks or changes. Documents built up by images, video, symbols and flow models ensures effective learning and dissemination.


INOSA is available on all devices – display, tablet and mobile phone. This gives you easy access to work instructions and procedures wherever you are.

Safe data storage 

Data storage at INOSA takes place safely in the cloud. We use reputable providers such as Amazon Web Service and MS Azure.

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