Visual documents

With INOSA, you can easily prepare documents such as work instructions, one-point lessons and procedures using images, symbols, flow models and video.

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Documents that are made of visual elements such as images, videos, symbols and flow models are easier to read and understand. By describing the work tasks visually, the company can ensure that the employees both learn and perform the tasks properly.
INOSA is an ideal tool for developing and managing work instructions, One-point lessons (OPL) or Standard operating procedures (SOP).
INOSA is easy to use so that employees of all levels of the organisation can create documents. Functionality to provide feedback on each document contributes to continuous improvement of the management system.

Standardization and visual documents are good Lean work

Making good and visual work instructions is an important part of the company’s effort to standardize its work processes. Good standards are the basis for improving the processes. Standardization of work processes and the use of visual documents are key elements in working with Lean.

A vital management system

A vital management system is important for continuous improvement. It may also be advisable to establish a common system for quality, HSE and possibly other collateral elements. It only creates more work to handle separate systems, and it becomes less clear to the employees.
Involving the employees in preparing and improving the documents is important to get a good system. Good and readily available status reports in the system also helps create a vital system. The most important thing, however, is good internal routines for follow-up. That will always be the company’s own responsibility.

Functionality in INOSA:

  • Easy-to-make visual documents by using images, symbols, videos, text
  • Handles different types of documents: INOSA documents, uploaded documents (Word, pdf, PowerPoint etc.), quiz, URL or message documents
  • Feedback per document
  • Versioning
  • Change log
  • Approval Control
  • Revision interval with notification per document
  • Search
  • Simple overview of the dashboard and document status reports make the follow-up work easy
  • Archive function for documents that are no longer in use

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