Process models

A process model gives a good overview of the order and addictions in work tasks or activities.

Inosa demo screenshot

By initiating a document or instruction with a simple process model, the message becomes visual and much easier to read. Sometimes a good process model can be a procedure itself.

In INOSA, you can create process models directly in a document. The order in the tasks will therefore be very easy to understand before describing the individual points in the work process.

Starting documents like procedures and work instructions with a process model, gives you a good starting point for a good standard. And a good standard is the best starting point for good improvement!

The INOSA process models are linkable and can be used to navigate or dive into more detailed information.
Working out a process model has several good effects. Those who participate in the work get a good insight into the activities, models are easier to read than long text, and they can be used as a starting point for other things (structure in management system, risk assessments, mapping work, etc.).

Functionality in INOSA:

  • Make process models directly in the documents
  • Use to visualize the flow and order, to show an overview over the management system or to make an organisation chart
  • Linkable models – can be linked to other documents, images, URLs
  • Save process models separately for reuse

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