Process models

A process model provides a good overview of the order and dependencies of work tasks or activities related to the tasks.

Inosa demo screenshot

Functionality in INOSA:

  1. Construct process models directly inside documents
  2. Use to visualize workflow, overview of your company’s management system, or create organizational charts
  3. Linkable elements inside process models – can be linked to other documents, images, and URLs and more
  4. Store process models separately for reuse

By starting a document or procedure with a simple process model, the message becomes visual and much easier to read. Sometimes a good process model can be a procedure in its own.

In INOSA, you can create a process model directly in a document. The order of tasks is easily understood through the model before describing the individual steps of the work process. By starting procedures and work instructions with a process model, you have a good starting point for a good standard. And if there is an improvement potential in an active document, a good standard is the best starting point.

The process models in INOSA are linkable and can thus be used to navigate in or between documents or to immerse into more detailed information.

Developing a process model has several good advantages; those who participate, gain good insight into the activities, models are easier to read than long text documents and they can be used as a starting point for a lot of other work (structure of the management system, risk assessment, mapping work, etc.).

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