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The most important of all types of improvement work is to implement good actions.

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Functionality in INOSA:

  • Register actions via app on mobile phone, tablet or directly on PC
  • Possible to register “loose” actions
  • Possible to categorize the actions for follow-up and statistics
  • Notification by e-mail of assigned actions and deadlines
  • Possible to upload reports or other attachments to an action
  • Many reports and filters for analyzing results
  • Possible to download reports to Excel, PDF or in HTML format
  • Archiving of old actions

It has little value to register incidents and opportunities for improvement if no actions are implemented. By gathering all types of actions for the company in an action log, you facilitate the work of registering, following up and evaluating the actions.

In INOSA, you can register actions from many different sources (e.g., A3s, meetings, audits, safety rounds or improvement proposals) in an action log. Actions that come from incident treatment in INOSA are transferred directly to the action log. Regardless of where a measure comes from, the need for follow-up is important. With INOSA, the company can easily keep track of improvement proposals and what actions have been decided and their status.

The actions can be registered and followed up via mobile, tablet or PC. Simple and efficient!

Once you have created a measure, you assign it to a person who is responsible for its implementation. Notification by e-mail ensures that the actions are not forgotten, and reports provide a good overview of the progress and status of actions in the different parts of the company.

It may be important to check whether a measure works as intended before it is closed; it can be evaluated. In INOSA, there is functionality to carry out a simple evaluation of the actions as the final step in the process.

In INOSA, you get all the actions together in one place and in this way, you get a clear and effective follow-up of actions so that the company can continue the continuous improvement work.


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