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The most important part of all types of improvement work is to implement good actions.

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It is low value to register improvements if no action is taken. By collecting all types of actions in an action log, you facilitate the process of registering, following up and evaluating the actions.

In INOSA, you can register actions from many different sources (such as A3-s, meetings, audits or single improvement suggestions) in an action log. Actions resulting from deviations in INOSA are transferred directly to the action log. Whatever creates an action, the need for follow-up is important. The business can easily keep track of which action have been decided and the status of these.

The actions can be registered and followed up via app on mobile phone, tablet or display. Simple and efficient!

Once you have made an action, you send this to a person responsible for carrying it out. Notification by email ensures that the actions are not forgotten, and reports provide a good overview of progress and status of actions in the various parts of the business.

It is important to control if an action is working before it closes; you have to evaluate. In INOSA, you can make a simple evaluation of the actions as the last step in the action process.
In INOSA, you get all the actions in one place and you get a clear and effective action follow-up.

Functionality in INOSA:

  • Registration of actions via app on mobile phone, tablet or on display
  • Possible to register actions from meeting, audits or whatever you want
  • Categorize the actions for follow-up and statistics
  • E-mail notification of assigned actions and deadlines
  • Possible to upload reports or other attachments to the action
  • Many reporting options
  • Possible to download reports to Excel, PDF or HTML
  • Archiving of old actions

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