How can you make sure that your employees have read the instructions?

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How can you make sure that everyone is aware of the latest change in a new version of a document?

Competence management is much more than having control over courses and certificates. The importance of safeguarding the organization’s knowledge has a clear focus in ISO 9001. In INOSA, competence management is built up by using roles and requirements for the various roles.

The requirements for the roles are formulated and composed of various documents (INOSA documents, uploaded documents, quiz, URLs or message documents).
To test the knowledge, it is possible to add a quiz or co-signing of a document. In case of co-signing, a professional manager must acknowledge the employee’s competence in addition to the employee himself.

Use of roles to describe the competence requirements of an organisation provides a flexible system.

Simple overview for the employee

In INOSA, each employee has an easy overview of their roles and what requirements are made for the roles in terms of which documents are to be read. To have an overview of the requirements provide safety and a clear overview of the work.
In case of a significant change or revision of a document, the employee is notified of re-reading the document. If someone has been on vacation or had any other absence, the documents are to be read when they start work again. This way, the business can ensure that all employees have constantly updated knowledge of work routines and processes.

Simple overview for the management

The leader can easily get an overview of the expertise in the business. Who has read which documents and who has approved roles so that they can perform specific tasks?
INOSA is ideal for use with documented safety training in the use of hazardous work equipment.

Functionality in INOSA:

  • Role-based competence set-up
  • Easy overview of competence requirements for the employee
  • Easy overview of the competence of the organisation for the management
  • Documentation for read documents
  • Repetitive reading
  • Read notification when revising documents

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