Quality and management system for your company

INOSA is an online tool that simplifies important work processes and ensures that the business has a good and lasting culture of improvement.

    • Do you need documentation that your employees have understood important procedures?
    • Don’t know which employees in your company are up to date on the latest safety instructions?
    • Do you lack an overview of the actual competence in the company?
    • Are employees unsure of the specific requirements for their roles?

With the INOSA management and quality system, you get simple solutions to all these types of challenges. INOSA simplifies processes, standardizes tasks, provides faster learning, full competence overview and better security control. With INOSA available on all display devices, your business will keep working better.

What can INOSA deliver to your company?

Top 3 features in our quality and management system

Visual documents

Standard operational procedures – one point lessons

Documented training

Flexible rolebased competence setup

Easy administration

Easy to administrate and adapt to your business

INOSA in your pocket

With INOSA, you have easy access to work instructions and procedures directly on your mobile phone or tablet. Convenient if you work out in the field and need instructions. You can also register deviations or actions as quick and easy as sending a text message.

Data Security

Data storage at INOSA takes place safely in the cloud. We use reputable providers such as Amazon Web Service and MS Azure for secure storage and monitoring.

Loved by our customers

Eramet Norway

Low user threshold for establishing and revising documents, and for a regular user to read documents. INOSA is easy to get in touch with, and manage our wishes quickly and efficiently.

Gunnar Haraldsen

QA Manager 

JWS Gruppen

In a hectic everyday life in a demanding market, we need systems that ensure our and the customers' requirements for HSE and quality. INOSA does!

Kenneth Jansen

General Manager

Oland AS

We chose INOSA as our supplier because we have known them for several years, they work seriously and are a professional player in their field.

Øyvind Oland


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