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We offer

INOSA offers software and services for support to continuous improvement work, quality and HSE-work and competence management. The software is in use all over the world and in many services.

Simplify and improve

In INOSA we are committed to simplifying processes, standardizing tasks and involve employees to create a good and lasting improvement culture.

Who are we?

Our employees have extensive experience in improvement work and quality and HSE work from the process industry as well as several other businesses and industries. We are located in Haugesund and Kristiansund, Norway, but our story started at Eramet Norway’s smelter in Sauda. There, the first version of our software was developed over 15 years ago. Since then we have improved, expanded and updated the software many times, but the principles and philosophy behind it are the same: visualize and simplify with the user in focus.

Our owners

Inosa is owned by the Hatteland Group. Since 1971, Hatteland has developed ideas creating ripple effects locally, nationally, and internationally. Today, Hatteland develops business ideas and brands that work out practical solutions to real and business-critical problems. Hatteland Group consists of more than 200 people working out innovative solutions in four distinct fields of business. Hatteland owns and supports the following brands besides Inosa: EMP Secure, RamBase, and Ydra. Visit the Hatteland webpage to learn more about the investment company. 

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