Incident Management

Registration and processing of unwanted incidents or improvement proposals is a very important activity in the continuous improvement work.

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To provide a good effect, we focused on the following when developing the incident management module:

  • Easy to register¬†for all employees
  • Simple and flexible processing of the incidents
  • Simple overview of reports and statistics

In INOSA, the registration can be done either via an app on the phone, tablet or display. Take a picture, enter a short text and send!

To prioritize the deviations with the highest risk potential, you consider the potential risk of the incidents. Potential consequences, combined with the business’s own risk matrix, gives a risk score so you can easily see which incidents should be prioritized first.

The purpose of dealing with a deviation is to find the cause of the incident so that you can determine good actions. To achieve this, a cause analysis may be necessary. In INOSA, we have integrated a why-why cause analysis that helps you find the root cause.

Once you have determined one or more actions, these are added directly into the action log. A deviation may have many actions, or an action can be linked to several incidents.

Functionality in INOSA:

  • Registration of incidents via app on mobile phone, tablet or display
  • Assessment of risk for prioritization of incidents
  • Why-why analysis to find root causes
  • Registration of actual consequence and damage
  • Possible to categorize the incidents, causes (ex. MTO causes) and actions
  • Notification (e-mail) about reported incidents and deadlines
  • Possible to upload reports or other attachments
  • Many reports and filters for analysis
  • Possible to download reports to Excel, PDF or HTML
  • Archiving of old deviations

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