Speira in full control of processes with Inosa

– All our processes are organized in INOSA. Our experience is that other systems only have 60 -70 % of the its functionality, says Frank Roijen, Operational Excellence Manager with Speira.

In the spring, 2021, the aluminium rolling and recycling branch of Hydro was sold to an American company. Speira employs around 5,000 people, and consists of seven manufacturing facilities in Germany and Norway, as well as one R&D center.


Unique funcionallity

To maintain overview, control and a good workflow in all processes, Speira chose to bring INOSA’s management tools with them, as it had been very useful at Hydro.

– We have considered other management systems in the past, but so far, most have only 60 -70 % of the functionality we have with INOSA, says Frank Roijen, Operational Excellence Manager and Senior Project Manager at Speira. He is also the application manager for INOSA within Speira.


Everything in one place

– INOSA is our quality management handbook, and all of our processes are located in INOSA; SOP’s, OPL’s, steering documents, management processes, sales processes, procurement processes and so on. This means we have one system where we can find all our documents. And if we do not have them in INOSA, we will have easy access to them via links in the INOSA-documents, says Roijen.


Up to date on competence

INOSA provides an updated overview of the competence in the organization.

– We know wether people have read important documents that are critical for their function. If a process has a significant change, we can inform people directly, and also easily follow up on reading-status if needed. With the document workflows we can easily update documents to a new version without having a lot of reports. People are automatically informed. By using INOSA, we can easily find out what personell are qualified to carry out a specific job, he explains.


Continuous improvement

Roijen sees it as a great advantage that everyone can give feedback on a document.

– It ensures continuous improvement, and contributes to getting everyone involved in the processes.

Speira is currently expanding INOSA at their biggest plant, and have therefore added more users. Roijen appreciates the possibility to further develop the system together with INOSA.

– That way we can adapt the system to our needs, and also contribute to the optimization of the system based on our knowledge and experience as an end user, says Roijen.



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