WOC, which stands for Walk Observe, Communicate, is a cutting-edge tool designed for conducting job observations and ensuring compliance with documents and work performance standards.

Key Features

Observation Checklist:
WOC provides a structured checklist for effective job observations, helping organizations maintain compliance and performance standards. The checklist encompasses the following key elements:

  1. Who is being observed:
    Easily identify the employee or team under observation, facilitating targeted feedback and improvement.
  2. Are the procedures followed correctly:
    Evaluate whether the established procedures are being adhered to with precision, ensuring adherence to best practices.
  3. Procedures can be individually assessed:
    Allow for a granular assessment of each procedure, allowing organizations to pinpoint specific areas that require improvement.


Actions are a pivotal component of the WOC process, offering a mechanism to address areas that need improvement. Some of the key actions include:

  • Identify and address gaps between current and desired processes:
    WOC assists in recognizing discrepancies between existing processes and desired outcomes, enabling organizations to make necessary adjustments.
  • Identify opportunities for employee learning and skill development:
    Through the observation process, organizations can identify areas where employees can enhance their skills and knowledge, promoting professional development.
  • Achieve sustained and continuous improvement:
    The ultimate goal of WOC is to support an ongoing cycle of improvement, leading to long-term excellence in processes and performance.

Functionality in INOSA:

  • Checking procedures/processes on the lowest level​.
  • Documents are understood and completed by the team.​
  • Check if procedures are described and followed correctly.​
  • Identifying and addressing gaps between current and desired processes.​
  • Achieving sustained and continuous improvement.


  • Improved Compliance: WOC helps organizations ensure adherence to regulatory standards and internal procedures.
  • Enhanced Performance: By pinpointing areas for improvement, WOC supports increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Learning and Development: Identify opportunities for employee skill development and foster a culture of learning.
  • Sustained Improvement: Create a cycle of continuous improvement to drive long-term success.



Loved by our customers

Eramet Norway

Low user threshold for establishing and revising documents, and for a regular user to read documents. INOSA is easy to get in touch with, and manage our wishes quickly and efficiently.

Gunnar Haraldsen

QA Manager 

Hydro Aluminium

With INOSA, we’re working smarter, faster, and more environmentally friendly. A simple and intuitive user experience makes the system a tool for continuous improvement, and gives us value for the time and effort we invest. INOSA works as a platform where we define how we run our business to the safest possible degree for our employees. We do this by creating interactive and user-friendly procedures. Due to the low complexity of the system, the people who actually perform the work daily can create and maintain all necessary procedures themselves. This helps to strengthen the ownership and commitment to the entire concept.

Kjellbjørn Fossheim

Hydro Aluminium

JWS Gruppen

In a hectic everyday life in a demanding market, we need systems that ensure our and the customers' requirements for HSE and quality. INOSA does!

Kenneth Jansen

General Manager

Oland AS

We chose INOSA as our supplier because we have known them for several years, they work seriously and are a professional player in their field.

Øyvind Oland


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