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The best use of one-point lessons

One-point lessons are visual work instructions that are easy to use. With INOSA, you are guaranteed full control, and ensured that ...

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Time to tidy up

It is currently being cleaned in drawers, cupboards, stalls, attics and garages.  Extra time in the home often makes us more aware of ...

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Changes in the time of Corona

Changes in the time of Corona We are in a time of many and frequent changes both for us as private individuals, but also in the working ...

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Proven safety training – still a challenge for many industrial companies

In February and March 2018, the Labour Inspection Authority has carried out 219 audits of industrial enterprises. As a result, 3 out of ...

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Inosa is wholly owned by Hatteland

Hatteland will take over the entire company INOSA. – There is an ever greater demand for quality and internal control in a ...

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One Point Lesson (OPL) – useful tool which also requires control

One Point Lesson is a useful tool to convey instructions in a simple and visually manner.   More and more companies are making one ...

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Hatteland uses INOSA!

Hatteland will now use INOSA as their software for Quality- and HSE-management. For starters it will be Jakob Hatteland Kjemi (JHK) ...

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